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Baby Beethoven Musical Genius for Babies

Baby Beethoven offers parents the chance to expose their children to music that is not only exciting but also baby friendly.

Classic music has been said to have profound positive effects on every human beings including babies.

For this reason, parents can introduce their children to amazing music from a younger age.

Baby Beethoven collection contains cherished works from Beethoven but accompanied by real world images and puppet shows. There are many advantages of buying this collection.

Soothing Music

Babies and children need to be comforted when they throw tantrums or when they are experiencing discomfort.

This version of Beethoven music is toned down, creating a soothing effect not only on babies but also adults.

The soothing effect has made the CD very popular for relaxation purposes for children. Parents can consider this for relaxing and soothing their babies.

Fun while They Play

When Children want to play and have fun, parents can select the fast-paced songs of Beethoven for them. They can have a lot of fun playing to the beats of the music.

This type of music will get the babies and toddlers excited and attract their attention, giving their parents some time for themselves.

Parents can also play such music when they drive or when they are carrying out other activities in the house.

Learning Tools

Aside from having fun, parents can use these CDs as an educational tool.

For older children, the discovery kits will help them in identifying shapes and objects.

They can enjoy learning while they are having fun, thanks to the accompanying music.

The discovery kits come with a DVD, a book and a CD all working together to give the child a variety of ways to experience the world.

The book comes with cards that contain key facts and large photos to enhance their experience.

Highly Recommended

Many parents who buy this collection are impressed by the entertainment and positive effects it has on their children.

They do recommend this product to other parents who want to enhance and bring new experiences with their children.

Easy Access

Parents can easily find a number of online stores that stock these CDs and those very few who have no access to internet can also find the music CDs in offline stores.

To help make their decisions easy, the parents can check out the reviews of other buyers.

The product is also available in different languages making it more versatile for people from non English speaking countries.


Introducing babies to music need not be an expensive affair. Fortunately, this music collection is very affordable.

Parents could also benefit from other wonderful music, books and games at affordable rates.

With all the different ways to experience the world through music and images for the babies and children, Baby Beethoven is a great consideration for parents.

The parents will benefit from the peace of mind and their babies will have fun.

Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun

The Baby Beethoven Symphony of Fun is a masterful production developed by Disney’s Baby Einstein.

It is the winner of 2 distinguished awards:

Birth of Baby Einstein

It all originally started with a loving mom named Julie Clark and her husband who had a passion for recording movies, decided to create a video in their basement to share her love of humanity and fine arts with their daughter.

She was very pleased with the results. Named the video “Baby Einstein” and was able to market and distribute it to many retailers.

It didn’t take very long for her to produce many other Baby Einstein videos and a few years later it turned out to be a very big and successful business.

In 2001 The Walt Disney Company acquired “Baby Einstein” and took it to the next level, a much larger scale production.

Baby Einstein Baby Beethoven being one of the many DVD’s created by Disney's Baby Einstein has found its place amongst many homes and families with toddlers and small children.

Original Music by Ludwig Van Beethoven

Imagine taking your child on an adventurous experience filled with captivating sights, beautiful and bright toys, interesting and fascinating puppets each having their own character along with the most glorious and heavenly sounds of soothing music originally put together by one of the most famous and genius composers of all times, Ludwig Van Beethoven.

Suitable for Ages 0-3

This DVD is very easy to navigate and it is most suited for children of ages 0 – 3 years old.

The songs are simplified and shorter versions of Beethoven’s originally composed music hence most appropriate for children and could create an enchanting experience with their parents to enjoy together.

Cognitive Growth & Classical Music

It has been proven scientifically that cognitive growth and development is enhanced by classical music exposure for young children.

If you have a desire to introduce your child to the beauty of classical music, this would be an excellent way to do it. It provokes creativity and mental acuteness.

Babies start to notice and differentiate primary colors of red, blue and yellow fairly early in their development.

They are also aware of different sounds so having them exposed to Baby Beethoven which is filled with soothing musical tunes, going hand in hand with eye catching treats would be a wonderful experience they could enjoy and repeat many times.

Here are some specific details about these collections:

Baby Einstein - Baby Beethoven - Symphony of Fun (2002)

Baby Einstein - Baby Beethoven Music CD

Producers of Baby Beethoven are very well aware that the children are able to learn best when they are having a great time and enjoying themselves.

You could see these principles working vividly as you watch your baby’s face light up.

The music is happy and lively as fun and joyful animals do their dance.

It seems to be performed by using small instruments capable of delivering the priceless innocence of childhood experiences, relentlessly adhering to the genuine original quality and integrity of the composed pieces.

Going past the simplicity of this production, it is quite obvious that the making of this video is precisely influenced and designed based on strong psychological aspects and principles specifically fitted for children.

Baby Einstein - Baby Beethoven is a symphony designed for little minds. This is a must have addition to the collection of your child’s learning tools.